Humane Animal Trapping

If you have nuisance animals and pest wildlife on your property or in your attic, the safest and most humane way to remove them is to perform a live trapping, and then relocated the trapped animal or animals. You will need to set the appropriate traps & bait for the species of wildlife you are encountering. A trap too small can be considered cruelty or harassment towards wildlife, which is punishable by fines or jail time in some cities. Using the incorrect bait to trap the type of animal causing you problems can result in you trapping the wrong animal and having to start the process over again. If you do it properly, you should only need to set yoru traps a few times to eliminate nuisance wildlife. Once the animal is caught, and all nuisance wildlife is safely and humanely relocated to a wildlife preserve. Every animal removal and wildlife control situation is different, and will require not only different types of traps, but also different trapping strategies. Most wildlife control companies will offer a free inspection with trapping services .

Exclusion Work & Repairs

Once you know that you have animals in your home, the only way to keep them from coming back is to exclude them. This is done by closing off any access points around your home where the animal may have been using to access. When performing an exclusion it is best to only use metal and concrete materials, ensuring the animals cannot chew through it. Depending upon the species of wildlife, you may need to adjust the type and placement of materials to best suit your wildlife control problem. Most trapping and handyman work done by wildlife removal services to ensure the protection of your home comes with a 1-5 year renewable warranty. Ask your local service professional about warranty service.

Antimicrobial Treatment and Wildlife Sanitation

After a technician has removed the Nuisance Animal from your attic they will need to clean up the mess left behind. When an animal is in your attic they can cause damage from urinating, defecating and breeding. All of these are contaminates left behind in your attic, including bacteria, diseases and insects, can spread throughout your home’s insulation. These hazards can lead to severe respiratory problems- bacteria getting into the airways of your home through leaks in A/C tubing, wall voids, and more. After a full cleanup and restoration of your attic, it will be like you never had a problem!

Attic Restoration & Insulation Replacement

Wild animals can cause a lot of damage to your home. Especially to your attic space and the insulation if they’ve chosen to live there. Removing the animal is sometimes the least of your concerns. Rodent, Raccoon or bat infestations can leave you with your insulation needing to be replaced. Once the affected insulation had been replaced, treating the attic with an anti-microbial application that will break down all feces and urine and sanitize your home of all bacteria and disease. This will ensure that you no longer have to worry about health issues. The benefits of the Antimicrobial Attic Treatment are it will get into every little nook and cranny of your attic to ensure that there is nothing left behind. Finally once the Attic has been fully clean and treated we will install new pest control-grade cellulose insulation into the attic to the appropriate energy saving levels. When we are all said and done our attic restoration team will have your attic looking like it never had an animal infestation at all!