How to trap a Opossum

Trapping an opossum can get to be a tricky task, as they are naturally cautious animals. Your best bet is going to be purchasing a large steel trap cage. These are humane traps that will keep the opossum alive and well so that you can simply relocate it to a new area – far away from your home. There are many products out there that claim to be opossum poison or repellent, but these are not very effective. In fact, live trapping the opossum is the most effective way to get rid of your problem. If you attempt to poison the opossum, it has the potential to pass away in your attic, leaving you with a terrible odor. If the animal is trapped in a cage outside, you can see when you have it and are able to remove it easily.

Possum caught in a trap
If you know what kind of bait to use, possum trapping is a piece of cake!

You want to be sure to check your trap often, probably twice or more a day. You want to try and remove the opossum as quickly as possible. If the animal sits in the hot sun, it could potentially pass away from the heat. Not only is this a rather inhumane way to let the animal die, but if left for even a night, the odor could potentially bring even more wildlife to your yard to investigate. You could potentially make your problem ten times worse this way.

When you are placing your traps, you want to try and place them in an area where you notice opossum damage. Example being, if you have a garden and you notice that every morning your prized tomatoes are scattered everywhere, you probably want to set a trap near the tomato plant since you know the opossum is likely to visit there. The best is to try and identify the path that he or she is taking every night when out for food, and try to place traps along this path.